Bekim! expresses  feelings in his song ‘Close Your Eyes.’

This music by Peine’s Bekim! has a strong 90s flavor to it. The song has a good mood about being in love and cherishing it. The song has inventive rhythms and glamorous flashes of traditional r&b tones that combine to produce a sound that is both catchy and nostalgic. Bekim! recorded and produced ‘Close Your Eyes,’ showcasing his years of experience as a producer, and released it on March 18th, 2022.

‘Close Your Eyes is a refreshing change from Bekim!’s previous releases. While retaining the sincere, profound aspects of his music, he has broadened the complexity of his sound, resulting in a more powerful and epic result. The melody’s smooth progression engulfs you in a bubble of tenderness and good sensations.

While a piano starts the track, followed by rhythmic percussion and insightful vocals, and lovely lyrics, the singer teaches us that love is a great thing to experience. And that is about discovering someone we adore and cherish with all of our hearts. That emotion, he believes, cannot be recreated.

The rich and smooth rhythm throughout ‘Close Your Eyes’ only adds to the track’s passionate atmosphere as Bekim! crafts a sweet and appealing essence via his mastery of the piano while expressing feelings of love for someone, poetically offers to devote his life to the person’s joy.

Through the mix, production, and mastering of ‘Close Your Eyes’, Bekim! has developed a warm and inviting sound that invites the listener in and effortlessly retains their attention with the lovely drum kicks and melodies. While the melody immerses you in the track’s warm feelings and has you drifting through the soundscape, the vocals and words are the true heart of the song.

‘Close Your Eyes’ is already available for streaming through the use of the link beneath. Enjoy it, cheers!