RavenRain is an Italian-born London-based singer and songwriter who uses her music to enlighten and empower people. RavenRain was up in the Italian countryside, and her passion for music was evident from the time she was a kid. She went to a music school where she got singing lessons and performed at several showcases. “LDN-TKYO”, RavenRain’s new song was released on April 29th this year.

As a writer on “LDN-TKYO,” I admired RavenRain’s natural incorporation of her charisma into the song’s execution, which appeared so in touch with the soundscape. Obtaining the mood exactly right is key for the song’s driving mood to retain us all intrigued constantly. The song immediately draws attention due to the zeal and strength with which it is presented. The music’s concepts are motivational and will gradually sink under our flesh, and the atmosphere will remain good as the song is played.

The loudness is tremendous, large, and perfectly in sync with the melody. A further important facet, the percussion kept the song’s rhythm steady all around. The track’s voice timbre offered a lot of engaging features that the first listeners would find appealing.
I feel that the melody will stay with the listener for a long time, providing a lasting impression that will eventually lure listeners back to the song. Overall, the performance would have a profound impact on the audience, necessitating our complete immersion in the setting.

Listen to “LDN-TKYO” by RavenRain on Spotify and let us know what you think. Cheers!