In a dynamic partnership between composer CS Taber and producer Everett Young, Chucky Trading Co beats with the heart of Laurel Canyon, offering timeless new folk-rock compositions. Chucky Trading Co is from Manhattan and is heavily influenced by the folk-rock genre. He incorporates all of the aforementioned elements into every area of his music.

“Shadows” which is Chucky Trading Co’s latest piece begins with a well-recorded gently strummed guitar, some modest bass below, and a quiet and lovely acoustic guitar lead. The tune begins dreamy and ambient but maintains its gradually smooth and gentle orchestration. The music has an enticing undertone that you can’t ignore, yet you’ll want to listen to it again.

With a disquieting message from someone who has made it large but is now in dire trouble, “Shadows” is a lovely folky country ballad with a strong narrative element. The song is about a down-on-his-luck Nashville musician. As the music narrates a narrative of misery and despair, the writing is on the wall.

The voices remind us of why we adore Chucky Trading Co. His voice is silky, flexible, and tinged with musical theater. The vocal dynamism is uplifting. He, on the other hand, employs this vocal technique to convey stories and is firmly rooted in the country-rock genre, which is what makes him so intriguing.

“Shadows” has to be one of the most genuine and honest tunes in recent times. It discusses a difficult problem, offers a solution, and welcomes everyone with great enthusiasm. It’s touching, mature, and a tribute to how powerful a song can be.

Listen to “Shadows” by Chucky Trading Co on Spotify and let us know what you think. Cheers!

Notable Lyrics

I hired you for pennies
Gray beard on the street
A homeless musician
With nothing to eat
You had an old Gibson
And notebooks of songs
Before we made Dallas
My rights werе all wrongs