Back to our nest, Baltimore-based musician Red Skies Mourning has a new track “Somethin About Her” released on September 9th. Red Skies takes us on an exciting journey with this new sound, with elegant vocals that slip ingeniously on the rhythmic beat and instrumentals.

It’s a gorgeous opening part that gives way to a cascade of immensely enticing instruments, kicking off “Somethin About Her” with a fascinating atmosphere. With its wonderful beat that will have you moving, the song is infectious and likely to become stuck in your brain. Red Skies’ vocal modulation throughout the song is very impressive. The song in general is sure to get folks up and dancing and singing along. The entirety of this song is vibrant, and it could undoubtedly brighten up those romantic times.

Red Skies Mourning has caught so much in “Somethin About Her” that it is a memorable tune. He produces a sincere throbbing ballad with exquisite words conveying his affections to a lover as he leads us through a range of emotions. A stable tempo and a vocal tone that are ideal elements for a nearly three-minute pop tune,  Red Skies, takes things a step better, providing us with a refrain that is undeniably an instant classic.

“Somethin About Her” features some nice musical qualities and a better musical arrangement overall. The singer has a unique and appealing vocal tone that is not overshadowed by the overwhelming musical accompaniment. The arrangements all contribute to the song’s incredibleness, from the beautiful, strummed melodies that start the tune to Red Skies Mourning’s passionate vocals.

Listen to “Somethin About Her” by Red Skies Mourning on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

Notable Lyrics
Walk along manhattan beach
Your hands are just within reach
Is this real and not just fantasy
Waves inside me unleash
Cave in if I release
Is this real and not just fantasy

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