Anja Björk is a Swedish composer who created a reputation for herself in Norway before moving to Sweden. Anja delivers her third single, “With Every Heartbeat,” a reworking of Robyn’s 2005 hit, with expertly produced music and rhythmic drumming, with her distinct musical flair that allows her to play with music brilliantly while still delivering music that will be liked and appreciated. This song was released on September 8th of this year.

Beginning with cheery piano rhythms that develop themselves wonderfully, “With Every Heartbeat” has a lot of souls and passionate vocals. Anja Björk sings heartfeltly in this piece, which has beautiful orchestral arrangements and soft piano melodies. The song’s outstanding quality for me is that it keeps the same tempo and melody throughout, which sounds mega to listen to and makes the whole song perhaps more satisfactory with her stunning voice that protrudes the listener’s emotions.

Describing her choice to reinterpret Robyn, she explains “She inspires me to do your own thing and stand for who you are. We both do our own thing. We are both unique”

The vocals in this song, are also a strong selling point for this piece. Anja Björk’s cleverness in retaining the warmth in tune throughout its duration, through her vocals, is genuinely impressive and unique. The delicious earworm of the lyrics of this tune has made its way directly into my thoughts making me want to hear more of her music.

Anja Björk’s version of “With Every Heartbeat” has been able to shine in its particular manner in the blend of instruments with a truly great product that will keep you interested until the very end, with a modern twist compared to the original song. With this, Anja Björk has executed a stunning performance that is consistently excellent.

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