Based in queer in the United States, Røses is a singer/songwriter initially from the United Kingdom. Similarly, she strives to be expressive in her tunes, as do many other musicians. She is the pop sensation you would label as the next big thing, shortly, from her voice to how true sense rides on tracks. As her debut single, she released “Self Destructive” on December 18, 2020.

“Self Destructive” has a friendly atmosphere that listeners will find appealing straight from the outset. It all starts with the perfect combination of Røses’ vocals and the beats that quickly capture the intended sentiments. The calm music contains nothing, however, the finest energies one could ever think of because of  Røses’ relaxing and gorgeous vocals. With the help of her melodious voice and the beautifully matched beats, the verses become instructive the in the song, making this record wonderful and unique. This piece is just wonderful, an all-around great tune with everything just right, from the vocals to the accompaniment.

“Self-destructive” has been onto the next level of absolute pure creativity as she recounts an intriguing story about needing or craving someone so frantically at a time, even though you know it’s not good for both of you, and the whiplash from the sentiments that follow. This is what Røses means when she says “Self Destructive.” Implosion to the point of annihilation for infatuation. The songwriting is flawless in every manner and she talked so passionately and honestly, expressing her opinions and sentiments in a way that listeners could identify with. Her delightful voice flowed fairly nicely through the song, enriching the experience for the audience.

The song’s lyrics have a nice melody and are sufficiently melodic to identify a few honest things that hurt but we can’t escape. The rhythms, together with Røses’ wonderful flair, absolutely awaken the melody and make it seem substantially more charming and fragile, owing to the outstanding components and creation that exquisitely boost the ambiance while remaining orderly and delightful.

Listen to “Self Destructive” by Røses on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

Notable Lyrics
I’m no lover, you’ll discover
No, I can’t tell you from another
You say “It’s fine, I don’t mind”
You will when I leave you behind

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