Enoka, a Malmö-based musician with influences from R&B and Pop, has released her new tune “Do It All 4 Me” after becoming acquainted with using the recording of voice demos for both manufacturers and craftsmen for a long time that has taken her all over the world. “Do It All 4 Me” was published on September 23rd, this year, and Enoka has astonished her fans with this lovely new track which is already doing well in the streaming charts.

Enoka’s originality is noticed in this piece as she exhibits her flexibility in the song with emotion, beginning with an extraordinarily opulent and vibrant presentation. “Do It All 4 Me” demonstrates her craftmanship as she takes her listeners on a journey with her excellent voice and songs in this particular melody. The song is distinguished by captivating melodies and lyrics, as well as by her approach to composition, which incorporates several musical genres and influences. Enoka has established a distinct musical individuality with this tune. The beat has a modern vitality to it, with massive bass lines and a pounding kick drum that propels the song. In any regard, Enoka’s vocals are undeniably the standouts of the performance.

“Do It All 4 Me,” as sweet as it is, is a song about love. Enoka understands that she came to perform for her sweetheart and that the partner should not burn through her experience because she is smitten with her darling. As the words go, “boy don’t waste my time, boy you got to change my mind, do it all for me,” she wagers that her beloved shouldn’t stop doing all the good things for her, which is what she likes, so “Do It All 4 Me.”

Overall, Enoka’s flow on “Do It All 4 Me” is very darn fantastic, and the atmosphere is just stunning, especially with its flawless transitions. When I was listening, I never felt out of place, and everything fit together quite beautifully. Enoka wrote fascinating and significant lyrics for the song and in addition, the song has a rich flavor of instruments that properly support and enhance the vocals.

Listen to “Do It All 4 Me” by Enoka on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

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