Intercontinen7al is the first band to record music on each of the seven continents (using BandLab), with its mid-rhythm rock track including colleagues from Europe, North America, and South America. In anticipation of the release of their upcoming album, “VOLUME 3,” the band has released the first track, “War’s the Noise” which, together with the album, will benefit Ukrainian refugee assistance efforts. “War’s the Noise,” featuring the band’s different cultures and a distinct musical approach, was released on September 21, 2022.

Intercontinen7al unquestionably demonstrates their ingenuity with “War’s the Noise.” When you pay attention to the music, their brilliance shines through since the song’s passion is reflected in the songwriting and quickly draws us in. The song is as soothing and beautiful as anybody could want, and the message it conveys will cause us to pause and reflect on the ideas that were so eloquently described in the words, which I find quite innovative. However, the principal riff performed on the guitar frames the song with such intensity and gloomy tones that will undoubtedly attract listeners, while the percussion maintains the song’s vitality.

Intercontinen7al seeks to convey a message with this enjoyable work. “War’s the Noise” teaches the audience that a problem-free existence is a delusion since people are always put in tough situations, but we should just keep our heads up and fight every day. According to the song, there is no ideal lifestyle choice in this world; whatever you retain the proper way for continuing to live, what doesn’t kill makes you more grounded and harder. With such a heartfelt note to mankind with soothing instrumentals, Andrasta’s vocal delivery blends in beautifully with the setting.

The guitar solo, with its various layers, performs a significant amount of the work in terms of the song’s panoramas, and I loved the bass lines, and the pianos, which added a lot to the song’s mood and gave it an intricate clarity. Overall, the great performances of the band members, as well as the wonderful enticing tones and intelligent lyrics, make “War’s the Noise” a very irresistible product for audiences.

Listen to “War’s the Noise” by Intercontinen7al on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

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