Hauntingly beautiful as it is surreal to listen to, “Safe In My Dreams” Is A Brilliant Song.

Canadian artist and producer, nasmore’s new single, ‘Safe In My Dreams’ is an investigation of love. The song gives a glimpse of the evocative feelings of losing those we are attached to and displays innocent and playful melodies that keep the listener engaged as it splendidly twists in and out of sparkling instrumentals.

Satisfyingly opening the track with Miuccia’s vocals, Legendary Neil Taylor flavors the song with a tremendous guitar melody as they musically reinvigorate and lock on to the life nasmore once lived. Miuccia recalls this life with the percipience of her technique, range, and tone. ‘Safe In My Dream’ tackles love courageously as if it exists without danger. The lyrics of nasmore disclose poetic words that reflect on emotions, thoughts, and feelings. These elements to anyone that has had the chance to build a relationship with someone they are in to but suddenly everything scatters and your love is broken. nasmore described this with these words “Travelling like a ghost viewing his life from a distance, the new single “Safe In My Dreams” takes listeners on a journey through what could have been, but now will never be”.

As the narrative of the song evolves, ‘Safe In My Dreams’ turns out to be an unforgettable piece of music that will positively make an impact on the life of its listeners. The song also ornaments the listener’s surroundings with the twists and turns of the impression created and shared in the track. Miuccia and Neil Taylor’s performance of the song is not only beautifully composed but it creates a sanctuary in the atmosphere and brings support and comfort to the audience.

‘Safe In My Dreams’ is an expressive song that digs into what makes love real and what real love is. It also staggers into how long one has to go to keep love intact.

‘Safe In My Dreams is a song with a catchy meaning and has received love from its listeners. It is available on the major streaming platforms and we would like you to add up to the numbers with the link below.