Sano Hill is a singer-songwriter from Galway, Ireland, who creates fantastic music that is truly extraordinary. He writes songs that are inspired by life, love, and sorrow. On September 30, Sano Hill released “Sing Out Loud,” a cheerful guitar-centric song that serves as the fourth single from his upcoming album “If Not Now, When?” adding to his repertoire.

Opening with an intriguing pluck guitar and shaking, “Sing Out Loud” turns into a wonderful affair with Sano Hill’s awesome vocalization and pleasant rhythm that quickly develop flamboyant and intriguing. Also, the song has the makings of an exciting single, thanks to the song’s acoustic riffs, melodies, and upbeat tempo. On the other hand, Sano’s charisma, present throughout the song, complements the symphony in addition to the thrilling soundscapes that make the song pleasurable to listen to.

“Sing Out Loud,” with its fun lyrics that highlight Sano Hill’s talent, is a song about bonding with the world and each other, as well as appreciating the joy of living and the potential of every moment to provide knowledge. Sano beautifully explores the song’s concept, as it also encourages singer/songwriters to conquer their worries, perform music to perfection, and trust in their craft and “Sing Out Loud”.

Overall, “Sing Out Loud” is something new and cheery that should not be overlooked, as the vocal tonalities add tremendous excitement to the song and make it a terrific feel catchy song. Sano Hill delivered an outstanding rendition of the nearly 5-minute earworm. The song’s melodies were interesting, and the songwriting and orchestration were great. All I can say is that the artist imbued the song with sweetness, making it commercially viable.

Listen to “Sing Out Loud” by Sano Hill On Spotify and SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

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