The growing circular waves appeared to represent time passing.

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, The Kaz Experiment is an experimental musical project of artist and singer/songwriter, Karen Harding. Recently, she has released a calming instrumental tune, “When The Sun Goes Down,” after the popularity of her instrumental singles, “Emerging From Solitude” and “Dancing With Darkness.” She released this new instrumental on May 13, 2022.

“When The Sun Goes Down,” by The Kaz Experiment, employs gloriously calm piano-driven music to elicit the same impression of unconstrained tranquility. The musical record is nearly completely tranquil, engulfing you in its expansiveness and ambiance. It’s simple, but it has a huge and luxurious size and feels to it. It can explain exactly what it wants to teach to you without using too many words.

“When The Sun Goes Down” is a song that might make you feel overwhelmed by all of the demands that surround you. This music can help the listener feel inner serenity and tranquility. It serves as a reminder that the sun rises and sets every day, that the world continues to spin, and that everything will be alright.

The sparkling refrains of the strings hurtle turbulence inside the melody into a relaxing sensation of contentment from the introduction of the piano. Listening to “When The Sun Goes Down,” the listener may use music emotions to express the setting sun, morning, rain, and wind. Also, this lovely song captures the tiny immortal moments that we all have in our lives daily and can move you much to speak straight with your heart.

The Kaz Experiment’s third self-written, composed, and produced single published under this project is “When The Sun Goes Down.”

“When The Sun Goes Down” is a song that I encourage everyone to listen to experience a genuine moment. Listen in here.