“Thank You” is a bittersweet song that is both uplifting and mournful.

Riki, known in showbiz as Kubota although it’s his last name, is a Los Angeles-based Japanese-American artist, rapper, and composer. Kubota began creating music in elementary school when his parents made him take piano lessons. In middle school, he joined a metal band named “The Trees”. However, in 2014, he released his first solo record as Kubota, titled “The Outlier Ep.” But, most recently, Kubota and producer Kingsford have produced their second project, “Thank You,” on the 27th of May 2022 following their previous album, Sequel, which was published in 2021.

Music has always been an important element of Kubota’s life. It gives him an identity, and it’s the main reason he’s made the decisions he has. Music has been the foundation of all of Kubota’s decisions, from his undergraduate degree to his professional job path. The artist is inspired by artists such as Kota, a friend, Mac Miller, Common Market, Wax, and Cuco, among others.

Kubota Collaborates With Kingsford On New Single To Say "Thank You" | Music Arena Gh

“Thank You,” Kubota’s most recent song, is about heartbreak, and while there is no shortage of music about the subject, Kubota addresses it from a more positive and cheerful angle. Rather than being angry and resentful, “Thank You” teaches listeners to appreciate events and relationships even after they’ve ended. It serves as a reminder, based on personal experiences, that not all relationships must end in rage and bitterness.


The instrumental for “Thank You” was titled “Love,” which matched the feeling that the beat created for Kubota. Though it was a pleasant song since he likes to be happy, the uplifting sounding beat gave him and the Kingsford a melancholy twist, so they chose to write about splitting up. Breakup songs with a more positive message, according to Kubota, aren’t as prevalent, so he felt more tempted to use this approach.

Listen to “Thank You” by Kubota and Kingsford on Spotify and let us know what you think. Cheers!

Notable Lyrics

So many songs about the same subject
like what is love and loss and losing lovely prospects
but at the core of it all, it’s something we are searching for
I’m happy that I found it and it was worth working towards