J.Juice, the self-proclaimed King of Up Music, is back with another catchy dance tune.

J.Juice is a rapper from Columbia, South Carolina, who is presently rising on TikTok with his new song “Lingo.” J.Juice’s voice and lyrical simplicity shine through with timeless fire and boldness. The catchy tune was released on the 24th of September last year with an accompanying video.

The music is fantastic, with such lethal rhythms and tremendous delivery. The music begins with volume and confidence to soon weave its web and leave that title line running through your head endlessly, supported by a nostalgic clap of a beat and a distorted synth backing for a rich and immersive atmosphere.

The production of the tune is really rich, with just the right amount of energy to keep listeners engaged. J.Juice nailed his vocal delivery, which was one of the most important aspects of having the energy in place. With the appropriate attitude and a lot of clarity in the delivery, this music becomes easy to follow and enjoyable. We would find ourselves replying in the chorus. I’m optimistic that the track’s strong intensity will captivate listeners and keep us all concentrated on the rhythms.

J.Juice ensures that the structure of the song is varied; the brief verses leave bare the imagery and additional confidence of the setting before resolving with the reprise and individuality of that melody. On the track, Lingo performs what he’s supposed to do, effortlessly making his imprint and displaying his fearless devotion to the style and the time.

Stream and enjoy J.Juice’s “Lingo” on Spotify. Cheers!

Notable Lyrics

In New York, they do my Lingo
So, I move like Johnny Cinco
Let me show you how to Lingo Lingo
Jump around like you won the bingo
House of pain is my game