Wize Kaizz Devotedly Changes The World Through His Thought-Provoking Lyricism On “Prisoner To My Mind”

Wize Kaizz is a singer-songwriter, composer, versatile spoken word recording artist, and rapper from Dearborn County, Indiana. Wize is also a cancer survivor who has opted to make his mark on music through his narrative and emotion-evoked lyrics, which are informed by his life experiences and those around him. Wize acknowledged his experience in a song titled “Prisoner To My Mind” on December 20, 2021.

In “Prisoner To My Mind,” Wize Kaizz wears his emotions and ambitions on his sleeve after being diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. Before the song even starts, there’s an obvious message behind it. The narratives continue in the lyrics, as Wize talks from personal experience throughout the song, describing his tribulations.

There’s nothing frivolous about it; the honesty and openness of it all are just what the song needed to be, as he exudes an uplifting allure with which many listeners will be able to identify. “Prisoner To My Mind” is an incredibly emotional spoken-word piece with motivating lyrics that will emotionally connect with every listener.

The voices infuse the track breathtakingly in one of the most artistic spoken-word outpourings in Hip-Hop as a powerful result is presented with dexterous phraseology alongside the extravagant layout of the haunting piano, the powerful yet released drum beat that creates a scintillating mood-evoking scene as you’ve never seen before.

Instrumentally, the song’s bass is strong and throbbing. The ambiance is filled with a rich melodic sound that is haunting, relaxing, dreamy, and magnificent, thanks to a touch of mild and silky delicate piano.

In summary, “Prisoner To My Mind” sends a very clear message, and it’s done with elegance, flair, and, most importantly, concern for others. Taking up a tough issue with relevant lyrics, listening to a musical piece effortlessly, and being sensitive to its theme.

Listen to Wize Kaizz’s piece on Spotify and be sure to share your opinions with us afterward. Cheers!