“Free heart” is a beautiful piano melody with a straightforward melodic pattern.

Thegraceisback is a pianist and singer-songwriter hailing from Letchworth Garden City in the United Kingdom and continually trying new things. Her mesmerizing instrumentals are ethereal and emotive, and could easily be the soundtrack of a film or a time in our life. Her piano-led pop/rock ballads are inspired by real-life events and transport listeners on an emotional journey.

For her piano side, Thegraceisback is influenced by Ryuichi Sakamoto, Michael Nyman, Joep Bevin, Beethoven, Ludovico, and Tory Amos, while for her pop music, she is inspired by Pj Harvey, Cat Power, and Alanis Morissette.

“Free Herat” is part of a six-piece instrumental EP that will be published in the early autumn. “Dreamnamic,” another powerful solo piano tune already released last year, is also included on the EP. ‘Free Heart’ is pure piano magnificence, with pure happiness and harmonic accuracy.

“Free heart” is a nice piano piece with a clear harmonic structure and a catchy melody that will immediately stick in your brain. The classical instrument and newest tune from Thegraceisback is peacefulness conveyed with painstaking precision and pleasant expressiveness across three and a half minutes.

In terms of music, it’s a great sweet spot of a classical instrumental that is comfortable to listen to regardless of your music inclinations. It’s quite peaceful, yet it’s also perfectly harmonic and melodically brilliant, putting the listener at ease while still being perked by the musical quality and infectiousness of the melody.

On May 20, 2022, Thegraceisback released this peaceful instrumental track, which was accompanied by a music video shot in her hometown of Letchworth Garden City.

Listen to “Free Heart” on Spotify, and check out the video here. Cheers!