Datkid Releases “Last Year Was Hard 4 Me Album” with the visual production of “Bag Brother”

Zackery Michael Taylor, best known by his stage name DatKid Smoove, is an American rapper and the creator of the distribution firm Hard2Reach Entertainment. He was born on February 25, 1993. Datkid Smoove is from Pinole, California in the United States. Datkid Smoove just returned to the music world with “Last Year Was Hard 4 Me,” a seven-track hip-hop/rap album.

The hip-hop world is more than ever merging with various types of flow. When done correctly, the mixture may be a lot of fun to listen to. On his smooth 7-track album “Last Year Was Hard 4 Me,” Datkid has deliberately been able to expertly blend these patterns.

On a slow jams project, I believe this is one of the first times you come close to an even balance of varied flows in rapping. In “Last Year Was Hard 4 Me,” you’ll find hypnotizing, smooth, and unforgettable tunes that are both enticing and hard-hitting. These are raps that stick out like a sore thumb among the laid-back instrumentals and provide the album’s driving force. In terms of substance, “Last Year Was Hard 4 Me” is the ideal record to get you in the mood to reflect.

Datkid’s album opens with the first song, “Moon,” which serves as an introduction to the album. Datkid then follows up with “Paper Chase/Runaway,” a tune that mixes two separate tracks into one. The album’s third track, “Day 5”, features Dhatkid rapping about his life in under a minute.

“Interlude” is the album’s fourth track, followed by “Bag Brother,” the album’s fifth track, which has an accompanying video shot and directed by Sean Muniz. The sixth track on Datkid’s album is titled “The Show,” and it features the artist demonstrating his singing and rapping abilities. Finally, he closes the album with “Day 2,” a tune on which he raps from beginning to end.

Give “Last Year Was Hard 4 Me” a shot below.