Sunday , January 29 2023

Rico Nasty Unveils New Single “Skullflower”

Rico Nasty delivers his latest single, “Skullflower.”

Though it’s been nearly two years since Rico Nasty’s last album, Nightmare Vacation, she hasn’t been slacking in any way. The DMV rapper has been delivering a slew of singles over the past few months, leading fans to anticipate her follow-up release. The thing about Rico is that you never really know what you’re going to get with her. She has so many styles that it’s hard to predict what direction she’ll go in next.

This week, Rico shared a quick loose single, as well as an accompanying video for “Skull Flower.” The latest release from Rico seems to enforce the hyper-pop direction of songs like “Intrusive.” It’s a short effort that finds Rico getting even more experimental with not only her production choices but her vocal delivery, as well. Rico’s continuous efforts to push the boundaries are working out for her. We’re excited to hear what she has cooked up next.

Peep her latest offering below.

Notable Lyrics
I only throw a tantrum when I’m putting my fit on
That bitch feelin’ on me ’cause she wanna get on
I’m late to the party, I’m late to the bank
I keep it blunt, I gotta keep it frank

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