“Testimony,” Is A Very Real And Deep Depression Experience.

Rylai is a South Korean musician with a desire for crafting hip hop with a diversified modern touch, adopting a more melodic and nuanced approach while remaining faithful to the genre’s intensity. The skilled rapper combines hip-hop wordplay with more diverse musical allusions, including Jazz, Soul, and so on. Rylai just released his debut song, “Testimony,” a pop-rap that takes a completely different turn than previous pop-rap tracks and seems like a deeper look at Rylai’s talent and ingenuity.

“Testimony,” with its very genuine and profound experience with despair, is a lively, danceable tune with an old-school flavor. It’s a song that takes its subject matter seriously. “Testimony” focuses on healing and rediscovering the beauty in life. It’s a profound tune with dense lyrics that leave a lot to the imagination.

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Lyrically, “Testimony” addresses Rylai’s experiences and how he overcame despair. Rylai’s struggles with depression are also explored in the song. The song is so intimate that it lyrically covers Rylai surviving and attempting suicide owing to the status of his mental health. Though the song is the product of a poet, the lyrics have a lot to say and are cheerful.

“Testimony” demonstrates Rylai’s artistic personality by combining superb composition and wordplay with gorgeous melodies. “Testimony” is diversified and superb instrumentally, with a more organic sound blended with soul, R&B, and funk. Rylai’s voice is wonderful, flowing easily and relaxed through the song to perfection. This makes the song catchy and honest, resulting in engaging sound quality because it is a personal and unique song.

“Testimony” is a terrific song and surprisingly simple to listen to for lovers of Kendrick Lamar, The Roots, Mos Def, and Anderson.Paak, among others. Rylai published the song on April 18th of this year, and Enoch produced it.

Listen to “Testimony” on Rylai’s Spotify and let us know what you think. Cheers!

Notable Lyrics

I was so lost
Wondered what I’m supposed to do
And this is my confession
Feeling soft at my back, my mind was blank
In a warm blanket, half asleep, half awake
But I begin to comprehend
This doesn’t make sense
Many years passed since my last sleep on a bed