“I thought if you are lucky, you are a ‘golden baby’ and that’s the only way you can be born into all those things you wish for.”

Stellan Perrick is an artist from Ostfildern, Germany. Stellan has been creating music for about 7 years, providing us with amazing songs. His love of music inspired him to begin composing, producing, and mixing his tunes. Stellan just returned with a new tune identifying him as a “Golden Baby.” This song was published on May 13th of this year.

Stellan Perrick makes his dynamic pop-rock tunes snappy and wonderfully addictive in his latest single ‘Golden Baby’ and takes the gloomy and depressing mood into something pleasurable and exciting. ‘Golden Baby’ has the sound of a dance song, yet its substance and mood are not conducive to dancing.

‘Golden Baby’ reflects on a low moment in Stellan’s life when he felt useless as if everyone else was better than him, cooler than him, and better all around, and trying to find his place. He rails against the world’s inequity and the random advantages we are born with or denied.

Stellan wished to be as attractive as the other kids and to have all the money that the wealthier kids had. Since he feels that life should be worth living even if he does not have to strive to the end because he has friends who were born with a silver spoon and he believes that he should not be an exception.

Stellan’s vocal style is sweet and sugary pop that rises and falls with the impact of the instruments, accompanied by his irresistible chorus writing progression.

With meaningful lyrics about eliminating unhappiness, ‘Golden Baby’ frees you from the nagging sensation that the world is stacked against you and that God has treated you unfairly while rewarding a few. This makes the song catchy and uplifting for all listeners.

Listen to Stellen’s ‘Golden Baby’ on Spotify and let us know what you think.