Wednesday , October 4 2023

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Let us “Dive” into the Enchanting Depths of Under Delusion’s Single, A Thrilling Exploration of Enthusiasm and Connection.

Under Delusion, a Russian-based Alternative Rock band has made its impact on the music arena once more, this time with “Dive,” a 2:57-second tune released on March 31st. “Dive” is an acknowledgment of the trio’s ever-growing talent as it immerses listeners (us) in a mesmerizing world of raw emotions and insightful narrative, …

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Review Of Under Delusion’s “Over The Rainbow”

Under Delusion is a Russian-based Alternative Rock band that we can’t get enough of, as their exceptional musical range takes us from gloomy to dazzling rock tales. The band made up of people well into their thirties, speaks loudly on behalf of a life-long passion and experience brought together. Their …

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