It’s an absolute delight to welcome Under Delusion back to my audience for the fourth time, as their unique combination of synth-rock continues to astonish and enchant fans with each release. Their latest offering, “Burning Under Water,” is the fourth single off their highly anticipated second album, and it’s the definition of a stunner. As I submerged myself in the eerie depths of this track, I couldn’t help but be amazed by the emotional intensity and narrative prowess that constitute Under Delusion’s characteristic sound. Let’s get down to it!

“Burning Under Water” is a modern mix of synthesizers and guitar alt-rock that comfortably pulls at the heartstrings. Its pace develops brilliantly as it evolves, propelled by enticing synthesizers and addictive guitar riffs that lure listeners extra deeply into its embrace. The opening lines, “I’m like a turtle in the ocean, going down, down, down,” set up the mood for a journey into the depths of human emotions. We are attracted to a story of struggle, survival, and a yearning for rescue, much like a turtle sinking into the depths. With a haunting and incredibly expressive voice, the vocalist takes center stage. The performance is riveting, conveying the emotional depth of the song. With each note, he captures the sorrow and despair of someone battling for survival underwater, letting every word he delivers reverberate with us.

Telling the story of a near-death experience at a depth of 30 meters in the Pacific Ocean and brilliantly wrapping the anguish of enduring difficult times, “Burning Under Water” is a vivid exploration of the human spirit’s resilience in the face of adversity. The lines “I’m burning underwater. Help me! Help me!” express the sense of desperation that comes with seemingly insurmountable obstacles. The dichotomy of being underwater becomes an emblem of life’s stifling periods, when there appears to be no way out. The song, however, does not wallow in despair; it also conveys a message of hope and desire to survive. The lines “You want to live – You need to breathe” express the universal truth that even to survive in the darkest of times, the will to live can be a powerful force.

Musically, “Burning Under Water” is a gem. The synths and guitars blend flawlessly, producing a haunting soundscape that matches the somber narrative wonderfully. The arrangement is thorough, with each component contributing to the emotional effect of the lyrics. The use of synths provides a futuristic edge to the tune, heightening the sense of being immersed in a different world, while the vocals are delivered with genuine emotion, bearing the weight of the story and lending an irrefutable authenticity to the piece. Additionally, the flawless drum work, tempo, and percussion perfectly endorse its contemplative mood, creating an atmosphere of introspection and appreciation.

With “Burning Under Water,” Under Delusion has created a song that is more than just an aural experience. It’s a journey into the depths of human emotion, a profound investigation of adversity, resilience, and the unflinching desire to survive against all odds. It’s a sympathetic song for anybody who has suffered hardships, serving as a reminder that hope exists even in the darkest of moments, urging us to persevere. And I state in my own words, “‘Burning Under Water’ is an emotional dive into desolation, igniting a flame of hope amidst the depths of despair.” So, as we wait for their second album, let’s keep fighting for what we believe in, and take reassurance in the power of music to connect us on a deep, soulful level.

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