Under Delusion is a Russian-based Alternative Rock band that we can’t get enough of, as their exceptional musical range takes us from gloomy to dazzling rock tales. The band made up of people well into their thirties, speaks loudly on behalf of a life-long passion and experience brought together. Their compositions, which present themes of love, wrath, sorrow, and all manner of honest thoughts on mankind and life itself, appeal to both sophisticated thinkers and the emotionally insecure. They continue to demonstrate their musical skills with their mournful single “Over the Rainbow,” which was released on August 12, 2022.

“Over The Rainbow” was composed in loving memory of their friend and outstanding musician Maxx Verkhovski, who worked with them in a studio recording demos of Fairy, Pain, and other songs for their debut album. Just a day before he died, they had a wonderful chat about music, artists, and music-making.

“Over The Rainbow” is a compellingly constructed song that is unique and is a genuinely entertaining listen. It’s a song with a powerful concept and lyrics. The ideal blend of mournful voices, melodic metal tones, and muted percussion makes for an excellent antidote to loss. Though the melodies and instruments are depressing, they nevertheless complement the mournful lyrics and enhance the overall feel of the piece. As the female vocals exude the song’s tenderness, Under Delusion has its charm and makes the tune a lovely feast for the listeners. The vocals have that all-important factor that makes a song memorable.

The song opens with a thunderous drum beat that is astonishing and the electronica-style beats set the tone for the melodic arpeggios and spacey synths. The vocals are sweet and complement the grossly distorted electric guitars well. The drums keep a firm grip on the mix. The vocals and rhythm, in particular, are rock solid and keep us enthralled all through singing. Overall, “Over The Rainbow” has a solid rhythm and we are likely to find ourselves buried in it.

Listen to “Over The Rainbow” by Under Delusion on Spotify and let us know what you think. Cheers!

Notable Lyrics
I thought you tricked me when
I had to show myself
To give you level of emotions
You wanted me to share
With the world

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