Hi everyone, let’s give a warm welcome to The Local 12, a talented group of multi-disciplinary creatives hailing from Pitman, New Jersey! We’re thrilled to have them grace this platform with their debut album, “Abandon,” a ten-track exploration of the complexities of abandonment, both personal and universal. Released on May 25, “Abandon” isn’t the typical break-up album. The Local 12, refusing to be confined by genre limitations, takes us on a captivating journey through various shades of loss. Let’s prepare to be swept away by their melancholic charm, introspective lyrics, and powerful performances!

The album opens with “Wave At The Window,” a melancholic gem driven by a gentle guitar strum and evocative lyrics about a bittersweet goodbye: “Wind and no rain, all that’s left a refrain of thunder.” The vocalist’s delivery is introspective, laced with a yearning sadness, perfectly complementing the song’s bittersweet tone.

The second track, “Godforsaken,” delves deeper, with bluesy guitars and melancholic keyboards mirroring the pain of a failing relationship. The vocals here are raw and emotional, perfectly capturing the desperation and longing for connection. The song isn’t just a breakup ballad; it’s a desperate plea for redemption wrapped in a hauntingly beautiful soundscape.

But “Abandon,” the album, isn’t all heartbreak. “The King of Small Time” is a catchy anthem for those clinging to a dream, fueled by a desperate plea for “one more chance.” Latin and Southern rock influences create a vibrant backdrop for the powerful and soulful vocals, conveying a mix of determination and vulnerability.

The Local 12 showcases their versatility with “SU(5),” a surprisingly powerful track with a deceptively sweet melody. The lyrics urge for unity and cooperation, perfectly embodied by the soaring vocals that build a sense of urgency. This isn’t just a song; it’s a call to action wrapped in a surprisingly forceful yet beautiful soundscape.

Now, the album takes a more introspective turn with “In The Lighthouse.” This song paints a picture of isolation and self-discovery at a lighthouse, punctuated by the singer’s introspective delivery. The song builds with a cool rhythm change and a dynamic guitar solo, mirroring the approaching storm within the protagonist. The use of atmospheric sounds further deepens the sense of isolation, making “In The Lighthouse” a masterfully crafted exploration of solitude.

Hitchhiker’s Guide” is another standout. Breathtakingly beautiful, it takes us on a journey through the eyes of a spaceman adrift on a desolate moon. The vocals are ethereal, perfectly capturing the loneliness, while the production shimmers with “trippy, cool sounds” and a catchy chord progression that loops like the two sunsets on the alien moon. Despite its melancholic tone, this song is strangely comforting, offering a sense of forward momentum with its driving rhythm.

The Local 12 doesn’t shy away from self-deprecating humor either. “All She Wants Is My Money,” the seventh track, is a catchy heartbreak anthem disguised as a self-deprecating look at a failing relationship. The raw and desperate vocals perfectly mirror the protagonist’s vulnerability, building a driving energy that underscores their determination to move on. This is a strong contender for a single, with a sing-along chorus that will have us belting it out at the top of our lungs.

Chance Of A Lifetime” is a powerful slow jam that tackles overcoming self-doubt. Soulful vocals weave a beautiful narrative of struggle and triumph, perfectly complemented by the tasteful arrangement that includes beautiful choir parts and well-chosen instrumentation. This is a track that will resonate with those of us who’ve ever grappled with self-sabotage, ultimately leaving us empowered.

With “Quicksilver Girl,” The Local 12 keeps things light and fun.” This deceptively simple song shimmers with the mystique of its namesake. Catchy melodies and bluesy riffs perfectly capture the alluring and elusive Quicksilver Girl, while the clean and uncluttered production allows the song’s infectious energy to take center stage.

The album closes with “Stranded,” a song that paints a vivid picture of isolation and the yearning for connection. The melancholic tone is established from the opening lines, with the vocalist’s delivery echoing the protagonist’s emotional numbness. The song builds with layers of instrumentation, mirroring the growing desperation, before culminating in a cathartic scream—a desperate plea to be heard and understood.

In conclusion, The Local 12’s “Abandon” is a remarkable debut album. It’s a genre-bending exploration of human emotions, showcasing their impressive musical talents and ability to translate vulnerability into powerful musical experiences. With their distinct sound and introspective lyricism, The Local 12 is a band to watch.

Listen to “Abandon” by The Local 12 on Spotify and let us know your thoughts.

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