The UNCRTN is a trio, Sonia Rose(Vocals, keys), Tyler Magrone(Bass Guitar), and Chris LoMnago(Drums)from New York that merges aspects of Alternative Pop and Rock to explore subjects like development and relationships, mental health, and self-awareness since their inception in college. They all came from very diverse backgrounds but had a goal to create a new current sound. The band has been playing music for some time, and their journey thus far has unquestionably been beneficial. On September 9, the band released another single to their catalog titled “Forget About Me,” which is a very catchy and relatable song about the desire to move on from people and situations that are no longer serving you through an impressive array of sounds both fresh and familiar.

The opening of “Forget About Me” has a calm chord progression, an interesting pace, vibrant synths, and Sonia’s sultry vocals. Her performance sounds genuine and a little amusing, and the music is made more lively and colorful by a strong, bass-driven chorus that is studded with beautiful harmonies and captivating melodies. And it’s lovely how Sonia’s vocals enhance the song and give it a richer tone, keeping the listener enthralled and captivated with lovely arrangements that enhance the track’s charm and excitement.

“Forget About Me” as described by the band, is “basically a song about getting away from stuff that brings you down and trying to change who you are as a person. A reflective moment in life when you realize you have stopped connecting with the group of people/friends you have grown up with. That you want no part of the same ideals, thoughts, or viewpoints that people close to you have. So you just have to get away from all that toxicity, whether it’s physically or metaphorically.”

Considering that this is their debut single, I think it’s fantastic and am confident that people all around the world will agree. The group has been working continuously to develop a distinctive sound that is alluring and will appeal to listeners. The UNCRTN’s “Forget About Me” is a fantastic song, and it makes me want to hear what more they have in reserve for us.

Listen to “Forget About Me” by The UNCRTN on Spotify and watch the video with the link above and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

Notable Lyrics
Gotta get away from everyone’s toxicity
Cause I can’t stand by and just comply with
all the lies
Can’t take another day of this misery
Nothing you can say to make me stay
Forget about me
About me
About me
Forget about me
About me
About me

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