Johanna Dadap, a 19-year-old independent artist, songwriter, and composer from the Philippines, finds inspiration in films, music, and photography. Her introduction to music began when she received her first guitar at an early age, and she has since trained herself to play piano, Cajon, guitar, and ukulele, and get into music production from her bedroom. She sings honest and lovely melodies, and we have been engulfed in a sea of pleasant moments thanks to her gorgeous vocals and shimmering harmonies. Her most recent song, “The World’s Gone Up In Smoke,” is filled with so much emotion and personality. This song’s release date was September 7.

Beginning with a hypnotic lead synth and some exquisite piano melodies, the calm rhythm is lovely on the ears, especially with the sweet and sensuous voice harmonizing it so beautifully. The acoustic guitar chords that enter softly give the song a soulful vibe, as does the swing, which lends that special serene glamour. Her vocals have such a tremendous yet heartfelt tone, as well as a remarkable dynamic range that keeps the music alive, with lyrics that reflect light in the atmosphere. The soothing beats and nice feeling melodies make for a pleasant pleasure, and the song has a captivating vibe to it that makes it seem delightful to listen to.

When it comes to the song’s content, it expresses emotion and has an extremely relevant message that is quite detailed. The occurrences depicted in the lyrics are so real that they will certainly strike a chord with audiences. “The World’s Gone Up In Smoke” is a passionate ballad in which Johanna addresses the environmental problem, which is reaching new heights each year. The song’s video, which depicts both the good and bad sides of nature and the environment, is played in tandem with the audio slide of the song. This further emphasizes the song’s depth.

Overall, “The World’s Gone Up In Smoke” is a genuine composition that will certainly please listeners’ hearts and help us feel nice while preserving the world we live in to make us feel comfortable and love nature, which is precisely what Johanna wishes to do with this tune. The song stands out and will make a big impression on listeners. Johanna’s voice is expressive and emotional, and Paul ‘Taffy’ White’s extra instrumentation and production are superb. The acoustic riffs and melodies are really deep. The atmosphere of “The World’s Gone Up In Smoke” is incredibly lovely, inspirational, and inspiring.

Listen to “The World’s Gone Up In Smoke” by Johanna Dadap on Spotify or SoundCloud, watch the video with the link above, and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

Notable Lyrics
As the forests burn
There’s a lesson we should learn
A textbook, I don’t think so, I ain’t going back to school
Are you gasping your last breath?
Well, you might have passed the test
Cause insurance would be worthless
If you fell apart at the seams

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