It’s always a nice thing for our site to feature a few of the best artists. Today’s guest is Ajay Mathur, a Swiss artist with Indian heritage who presently resides in Lucerne. He has established himself as one of the most amazing solo musicians on the international music scene throughout the years. He brings music to heart and shows his listeners what he’s got. His songs are innovative, entertaining, and thrilling. On August 26, he released the video for “Talking Loud,” the fifth single from the titular album. Stay in touch and get involved.

“Talking Loud,” as catchy as it is, opens with a funky percussion rhythm meant to captivate listeners. before Ajay Mathur’s beautiful vocals ooze into the song, complimented by a guitar beat and some strong harmonies that add to the thrill. Ajay has presented us with a dynamic pace that will keep us on our toes and hold us there. He gives us highly catchy lyrics and groovy bass, some tiny trumpet riffs, a grumpy guitar tone loaded with enjoyment, and with a stunning modern spin that elevates the song to epic proportions. “Talking Loud” features excellent songwriting and spectacular execution. This fascinating song’s aural grandeur will leave you intrigued.

“Talking Loud,” along with a suitable music video, is Ajay’s metaphor for self-confidence and self-worth since he feels everyone is worth something. It’s a song about being at peace with oneself. Learning to tolerate oneself in tough situations, letting go of your ego, and embracing not just your talents but also your weaknesses. “Talking Loud” is a song about being optimistic. The song’s goal is clearly defined and communicated with honesty, which will compel listeners to connect with the music and create an everlasting impact on their thoughts. It’s breathtakingly gorgeous and inspiring.

“Talking Loud” is a song that sets the tone for Ajay’s 15-track album, which is packed with catchy tunes. The song will stick with listeners for a long time because of its outstanding performance. Additionally, with the assistance of his long-time co-writer Mary Lou von Wyl, musical accompaniment from his drummer Fausto Medici, bass from Richard Hugener, and guitar from Christian Winiker, this song will easily burst up the rankings.

Listen to “Talking Loud” by Ajay Mathur on Spotify and watch the video with the link above and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

You can follow Ajay here for more information.