Back in 2017, Travis Scott and Quavo felt like unstoppable entities in the hip-hop world. Overall, they still very much are. However, the Migos hype in 2017 was palpable, while Scott was on the cusp of becoming a megastar. They had already worked together before, but they decided to team up for a fully-fledged collaborative album. These collab tapes were becoming extremely popular, and it made sense for these two to link up. The album was called Huncho Jack Jack Huncho, and it was a relative success.

Ultimately, this is one of those albums that did not have the desired effect. Instead, it was seen as just another collab tape by two titans on autopilot. However, there were still some solid tracks here. It is by no means either of these artist’s best work. But that is not to say that it doesn’t deserve closer inspection. For instance, the song “Moon Rock” is one that is particularly memorable. With some of the best production on the entire tape, this feels like the perfect song to highlight on the album’s 6-year anniversary.

The melody that builds on this song feels extremely dark. There is something sinister about it and those crescendoing 808s make this song pop. As for Travis and Quavo, they pull off some solid performances that are drenched in autotune. Lyrically, they aren’t exactly doing any heavy lifting. However, the vibes are there and that is what you want from these two.

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Notable Lyrics:

Ran 12 red lights, 12 behind me
Paparazzi flashes wanna deprive me
Hypnotized, I cannot let it blindside me, no
I’ma live and die by my Migos
Why I’m startin’ to dance, what in the hell did you hand me?
Took all of my n****s off Xans, put all of my bitches on Plan B