Maaike Jager, a self-taught ukulele player from the Netherlands with a classical piano background, who found her passion for music through piano lessons when she was very young, is back in our crib following our last interview session with her about her single “Limbo. With “Harmony,” which Songweb is reviewing today, this tune slips into the synapses of the mind as it is peaceful and relaxed exhibiting MJ’s ability and originality. “Harmony”, released on May 5th, delivers a peaceful and dreamy musical experience that urges us to relax and immerse ourselves in its soothing melodies. Let’s get into it below.

MJ opens “Harmony” with a luscious flow of simple chords that settles into a peaceful tone as the sweet and delicate sound of the instruments quickly captivates us, leading us into a state of tranquillity. According to Ukulele MJ’s own words, she approached the song with a specific idea in mind: to create a chill and dreamy ambiance where listeners may find refuge and relaxation. And, in fact, “Harmony” does this. It sparkles with tenderness and finds a rhythm of clarity and order among its instruments, making the title “Harmony” appropriate for this composition. The melodies and harmonies blend seamlessly, creating a sense of stability and oneness.

The inclusion of guitar and vocals, which MJ introduces in her musical career, makes this work even more compelling. This addition to her aural pallet adds a new and refreshing twist to her hallmark ukulele sound. The guitar gives warmth and texture, while the vocals, albeit minimalistic, lend emotion to the track’s ethereal and dreamy aspect. And thanks to these sounds, we can immerse ourselves in a state of relaxation and calm. MJ’s virtuosity on the ukulele is evident throughout, as she deftly mixes melodic patterns and chord progressions, creating a complex and interesting musical tapestry. Her exquisite fingerpicking style showcases her technical knowledge of the instrument, while nuances on the guitar and vocals give the composition depth and character. The production quality is excellent, allowing each instrument to completely breathe and resonate.

Overall, “Harmony” is a great addition to Ukulele MJ’s career. It’s a nice instrumental composition that shows her artistic development and eagerness to explore new frontiers and broaden her artistic range. I had a great time listening to this new music, which left me wanting more as it faded away. That’s a nice thing. MJ’s performance is fantastic, and I’m looking forward to her future releases, knowing that listeners will certainly want more of this new flavor.

Listen to “Harmony” by Ukulele MJ on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts.

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