Few musicians make ripples in the hip-hop world with their own, genre-blending sound. Proklaim, the Namibian-Windhoek-based emerging hip-hop phenomenon, does precisely that in his song “Around.” True to his art, he delivers a soulful and introspective, and compelling blend of hip-hop and afro beats, taking his listeners on a captivating sound while also imparting a profound message that resonates deeply within the soul, thanks to his goal to break new ground both sonically and content-wise. “Around” premiered on April 13th and has over 11k listens on Spotify with its 3 minutes total runtime of play.

Starting with a compelling and melodic relaxed instrumental, Proklaim seamlessly glides over the rhythm, delivering his vocals with conviction and honesty, culminating in a feel-good song that resonates with listeners. The chorus is snappy and lively, with Proklaim repeating “Come around now” in an intriguing style that will enhance your day. Aside from his unique delivery, the lyrics are thought-provoking and insightful, diving into the depths of the human experience with lyrical beauty. His wordsmith abilities come through as he weaves vibrant imagery throughout the music, with his smooth switches combined with his rap to make this sound hotter.

“Around” goes on about the inherent human problems of finding one’s way in life despite the turmoil and noise of the world in its lyrical core. Proklaim, in my opinion, acknowledges the turbulent character of this trip by urging us to dig into our intuitions and rediscover our passions and missions. “Around” is a song for those of us who may feel lost or detached from our inner selves and the world “around” us.

Not only does the message merit praise, but so does the production, which perfectly mixes beautiful melodies, catchy beats, and sophisticated layers of instruments. The surrounding aural landscape is deep and complex, resulting in an immersive experience that compliments the lyrical depth. Proklaim’s musicianship shines through in this buoyant and modern instrumental. And thanks to Lu Diaz’s impeccable mixing on this purchased beat, we could hear all that it entailed.

Overall, “Around” is a great song that demonstrates Proklaim’s passion for making message-driven hip-hop music, but what distinguishes it from other hip-hop tunes is his ability to smoothly merge diverse musical styles and genres, creating a distinct sound. Overall, the enticing pace, outstanding vocals, and replay potential will have you listening to this song several times. With “Around,” Proklaim establishes himself as a hip-hop pioneer, pushing the genre forward musically while delivering a compelling narrative.

Listen to “Around” by Proklaim on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts.

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