Qween Dweena has emerged as a new sensation in the ever-changing world of African music. This solo artist from Lagos, Nigeria, signed to Hagest Entertainment, exudes an irresistible magnetic attraction. She’s a force to be reckoned with, drawing influences from Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, and Ice Spice. On April 21, Qween Dweena released her fantastic hit “Lemonade,” which was produced by the renowned DJ Jigzy. This track is a discovery, embellished with afrobeat elements and a seductive combination of sounds and melodies. What distinguishes “Lemonade” is its fearless exploration of life’s ugly facts. Let’s get started.

Opening with an intriguing loop that served as the backbone of Brandy and Monica’s 1990s R&B smash song “The Boy Is Mine,” the lines, “Million dollar phrase, no need to explain, traded no love, don’t bother purchasing,” set the tone with unrepentant confidence. The lyrics drip with audacious flair, embracing a world where power and fame drive her soul and love is a currency she refuses to buy. The verses throb with energy as she navigates the turbulent seas of experiences, asserting her dominance and reveling in her unabashed uniqueness. Lines like “Choose your lemonade, verified I don’t recognize sh*t” proclaim her authenticity and refusal to be diluted by anybody or anything. Dweena’s vocal delivery is a sensuous dance that seamlessly transitions between rap sections and melodic refrains. It’s a charismatic and commanding performance. This type of performance, in my judgment, deserves a golden buzzer on the British Got Talent (BGT) show! She exudes an enticing charm that makes it tough to take your gaze away from her. Her confidence, outspoken demeanor, and grabbing presence bring you into her world, and you’ll readily bow to her musical spell.

Thematically, it is a powerful anthem that confronts the bitter experiences that life frequently delivers. The lyrics of Qween Dweena aren’t sugarcoated; they’re as real and raw as they come. She brazenly declares that she does not recognize negativity or phony love and that power and fame in her life only serve to enliven her. This demonstrates her unwavering self-assurance and resolve. She exudes confidence, urging us to focus on our goals and objectives rather than being misled by opinions that don’t pay the bills. In a world where authenticity is frequently traded for popularity, Qween Dweena sits proudly and unyieldingly on her throne. With lines like “Look how you made me turn me a savage, first-class cruise; this no be average,” she embodies the epitome of an African sovereign, fearlessly claiming her reign while flawlessly blending Fela Kuti’s ancestral pride with modern-day bravado.

DJ Jigzy’s producing abilities come through in “Lemonade.” He combines afrobeat components with a melodious backdrop and the addictive loop of the original track, “The Boy Is Mine,” which leaves your body swinging to the rhythm. The infusion of unique sounds and melodies adds depth to the music, resulting in a mesmerizing and hypnotic sonic experience. Incorporating the Afrobeat flavor into this song elevates it to a level that is both authentically African and globally appealing. It’s an edifice to the continent’s rich musical heritage, and Qween Dweena and DJ Jigzy have done it right.

Drawing my curtains, I need to say Qween Dweena’s “Lemonade” is a masterpiece that deserves to be appreciated. She has firmly solidified herself as the star of African music, thanks to her exceptional vocals, magnetic stage presence, and ability to construct an enthralling narrative. This song is a testament to her splendor, a sign of her unyielding spirit, and a testament to her reign as the undisputed queen of the African music scene, as she asks us to join her on a journey of confidence and empowerment. So sip on her “Lemonade” and let the bold, irresistible flavors intoxicate your senses as you revel in the glory of Qween Dweena, the ‘Qween of African music.’

Listen to “Lemonade” by Qween Dweena on Spotify and let us know your thoughts.

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