We all crave a little sunshine, don’t we? But what if the shadows held on to their beauty? In her captivating return, classically-trained indie artist Anoush basks in the glorious paradox of existence with her new single, “Brave Girl,” released on April 8 this year. Remember that enthralling debut with “Cantina” back in August 2023? Well, get ready to be bewitched anew, because Anoush is back, and this time, she’s taking us on a soul-stirring exploration of self-discovery.

The song opens with a lone trumpet, a herald announcing a journey of self-discovery. Its melancholy tone perfectly sets the stage for the enigmatic lyrics: “Shadows in the cave/ Don’t make her waver/ Neither does the light/ She doesn’t try to fight.” Anoush instantly draws us into a world of duality, where the comfort of the familiar and the pull of the unknown wrestle for dominance. And then, there’s her voice. Her vocals are a captivating blend of strength and vulnerability. She caresses the notes in the verses, weaving a spell that lulls us into a state of contemplative ease. Yet, when the chorus hits, her voice transforms. It gains a smoky sensuality, reminiscent of Amy Winehouse, urging the “brave girl” within us all to rise and fight for truth.

But what truly elevates “Brave Girl” to another level is its lyrical content. The song draws inspiration from Plato’s Allegory of the Cave and the story of Adam and Eve, referencing them through captivating imagery. The cover art, depicting the forbidden fruit being shared, further emphasizes this theme. The protagonist is a “Brave Girl” who dares to question reality, bites the apple of knowledge, and embraces the consequences. The lyrics shift between defiance (“She’s a dead girl, alive and well” ) and acceptance (“Sometimes I miss who I used to be, but I love the new me”)

Also, the instrumentation here is where Anoush’s classically trained background truly shines. The song is a sassy, jazzy tapestry woven with the sultry tones of the trumpet that snakes its way through most sections, perfectly complementing the bed of piano melodies and subtle synth washes. It’s a sonic landscape that feels smoky and sophisticated, beckoning us to sip a cocktail and lose ourselves in the music. This song will be a nice surprise if you enjoy soul jazz music that isn’t overpowering or dull. It is full of incredible melodies that make it a delightful feast for the ears and perfectly complement the vocal performance.

Overall, “Brave Girl” is not just a song; it’s a conversation with oneself. It’s about confronting the shadows within, the darkness that fuels our growth. It’s about embracing the complexities that make us human and the courage it takes to forge our paths. Anoush, with her masterful blend of music and storytelling, has crafted a truly remarkable piece that will stay with anyone who has ever questioned themselves or dared to challenge the status quo. This is a song to hold on to forever. It touched my heart and soul and I’m inspired, as will anyone who gets to hear it. I’m eagerly anticipating her upcoming album.

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