Hey folks! Allow me to introduce you to Wickerman, a Reading-based genre-blending rapper and producer who has crafted a captivating narrative in his latest EP, “Invertebrates.” Released on October 6th, this six-track offering is an intense combination of influences, drawing from the realms of Eminem, Bring Me the Horizon, and The Prodigy. Wickerman, a musical maverick, skillfully blends rap, hip-hop, metal, and funk into a neatly wrapped package resonating with raw energy, resounding drums, and a frenzied flow. This EP is a self-recorded and produced project that showcases Wickerman’s musical shapeshifting talent and ability to fluidly traverse numerous musical environments. Let’s have a peek at what the “Invertebrates” EP has to offer.

The sound design for the opening track, “Give It All I’ve Got,” swiftly draws you into the tune’s immersive mood. You can’t help but sense the aura when listening to the cinematic chanting. The piano’s melodic lines are perfectly blended into the arrangement, setting the tone for an electrifying track. The entire tone is superb, and Wikerman’s vocal demeanor is appealing enough to keep you centered throughout while setting the tone for the next song. Lyrically, this song digs into the concept of unflinching pursuit, communicating the notion of putting in one’s best to achieve personal goals. Its song has a dynamic combination of rap and expertise, with an aggressive and flawless delivery performed over a strong and captivating beat.

This Is What It Feels Like” is the next track, and it maintains a captivating intensity. Wickerman’s talent to produce addictive hooks that linger with you long after the music ends is on display in this tune, which features a female voice that works magic on the beats. The song descends into a stormy emotional journey, conveying the experience of wrestling with life’s uncertainty, and the mix of rap and singing here is masterfully executed. It adds a distinct texture to the painting while representing Wickerman’s flair. The beat holds the melody together. The melodies are appealing, and they are expertly arranged throughout. I kept swinging as I played the song over and over again.

Bad to the Bone,” an amalgamation of rap and metal, is an exhilarating ride through self-discovery and self-empowerment. Wickerman’s versatility shows through as he seamlessly switches between genres. It has a rough, rebellious vibe, akin to The Prodigy’s signature sound, with groove-laden basslines and catchy rhythms. Wickerman’s flexibility is highlighted by his powerful beats and his exceptional rapping. It’s an unexpected gem that adds diversity to the EP, as Wickerman tackles themes of self-confidence and assertiveness.

Memories,” featuring the talented Luke Lucas, unlocks with beautiful pluck chords that immediately attract your attention. The songwriting gets intriguing, and it has a contagious effect on you. Wickerman explores the depths of nostalgia and desire in this track, and his collaboration with Lucas adds a layer of emotional depth to the EP, allowing us to ponder the profound impact of loss, memories, and the healing power of music. This song’s beauty is a significant step up from the opener, which is a nice introduction to diversity. I also enjoyed the singing and performance. It was terrific!

Returning to his rap roots, Wickerman ignites “Ride Tonight” with unrestrained bravado. The song emanates charisma and confidence, urging us to enjoy life’s most exciting moments. Wickerman inserts funk into the mix, giving it a delightful track, and the blend of hip-hop elements and aggressive percussion makes it an adrenaline-pumping song. This track had a profound impact on me, and I wanted to listen to it for as long as possible since the ambiance was pleasant and everything about it was on point.

Closing out the EP, “Inside My Mind” is an introspective masterpiece. Wickerman’s introspection in this single is reminiscent of The Prodigy’s ability to merge electronic components with gloomy, thoughtful lyrics. The EP’s trademark musical variety, mixed with melancholic but hopeful overtones, creates a fitting ending. Not only that, but the engaging beat and Wickerman’s flow keep you listening. The production is incredibly top-notch, which allowed the song to be fresh and kept us interested throughout.

Wickerman’s “Invertebrates” EP is a success of creative ambition and sincerity in general. His knack for smoothly transitioning from rap and hip-hop to funk, rock, and metal demonstrates his enormous talent. Each track digs into significant themes, such as love, grief, self-politics, and pursuing one’s aspirations. It’s an electrifying ride that will leave you wanting more, and I heartily suggest “Invertebrates” to anybody looking for something new, daring, and emotionally resonant. Wickerman has carved out a place for himself in the musical landscape with this EP. Listen to it and be ready to be blown away by this genre-defying gem.

Listen to the “Invertebrates” EP by Wickerman on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts.

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