Wise Inspirations, led by visionary songwriter Eric Wise, delighted us with their exquisite musical narrative once again in “Ruby Red,” which he put out on September 1. Following on from the captivating “Oasis,” this new offering takes us on a heartfelt journey, propelled by powerful storytelling, soulful vocals, and adept musicianship that not only grabs listeners but delves deep into a profound exploration of compassion for the homeless and the fragility of human circumstances. The heart of this moving song is its capacity to remind us of our common humanity and the value of empathy in our increasingly complex world.

The song begins with a beautiful acoustic guitar gently plucking at the strings, creating a vivid painting for the emotional journey. The melody, tender and soothing, captures the sense of a hopeful morning amid life’s darkest shadows. It invites us to join in on this musical expedition into the realms of empathy and understanding. Long’s raw yet sweet vocals inject life into the lines, unfolding the narrative of a misplaced soul. His delivery is impeccable, and each note oozes with passion, echoing the narrative’s intricacy and richness. It goes beyond the song’s limitations, submerging us in the reality of the homeless people Eric Wise wishes to shed light on.

“Ruby Red” paints a vivid portrait of society’s overlooked and downtrodden, prompting us to reconsider preconceived notions and prejudices about individuals experiencing homelessness. Eric Wise’s encounter with the homeless, combined with their potential brilliance and broken objectives, serves as a poignant reminder that anyone could find themselves in their shoes. As a result, the song’s core topic is compassion, imploring us to offer understanding and empathy to everybody, regardless of circumstance. It beckons us to appreciate these people’s tenacity and dignity, lifting their tales out of the shadows of apathy. “Ruby Red” serves as a mirror, challenging us to reconsider our behaviors and develop a community based on understanding, generosity, and grace.

The instrumentation cradles the vocals in a musical embrace, constructing a profound synergy and complementing the storyline magnificently, with the expert guidance of Mike Kelly on upright bass, Peter Nintendo on acoustic guitar, and Ken Clark on keyboard. The arrangement is immaculate, with each instrument weaving seamlessly into the next, creating an elegant and cohesive backdrop for the story to unfold. The upright bass offers a rich depth to the composition, the acoustic guitar provides a soothing familiarity, and the organ adds a delicate, ethereal touch that enriches the song’s overall ambiance. The melody’s soothing tone, however, lowers the weight of the subject matter, making it more palatable and fostering empathy in the hearts of those who listen. The production quality is superb; each instrument and vocal is allowed to breathe, creating a spacious, immersive sonic landscape.

In the end, “Ruby Red” is more than an ordinary song; it’s a testament to the human spirit’s tenacity, a cry to compassion, and a reminder that we’re just one twist of fate away from a different path. Wise Inspirations has bestowed upon us a work of art that transcends the boundaries of music, leaving an indelible imprint on our hearts and thoughts. This is absent in today’s music, thus I feel it is appropriate to refer to Eric Wise as the ‘Messiah of Modern Day Music.’ Let us listen to this lovely song with open hearts, for the message is one that we can all benefit from hearing.

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