Willdr, a rising singer, songwriter, and producer from Boston, draws inspiration from his background in California’s central valley. The solo act, best known for tracks such as “The Fire,” “King Now,” and “Stars on Chains,” has developed a small following fanbase and blends the sound of alternative rock, modern pop, and country music. Willdr added “Bet I Will” to his discography on July 22nd of this year.

“Bet I Will” is a hard-edged, distorted banger and one of four tracks that feature Willdr’s very personal lyrics and diverse musical inspirations. The song is a mainstream rock tune with a drastic beginning with all of the instruments coming together. The funky drumming beat and the distorted guitar rhythm all contribute to the song’s overall atmosphere. With the accompaniment of the rhythm, the mesmerizing distorted guitar immerses you in the tune and is undoubtedly something that will take you off a surprise as Willdr performs some of the finest licks and riffs.

Willdr’s voice is particularly distinct, with a refined tone that matches the song perfectly. Willdr has mastered the ability to produce something lovely and addicting for his fans with “Bet I Will.” The song includes delicate frills and rock thrill parts that will stick with you after listening. Willdr’s instruments provide pleasant tunes, and his lyrics flow mellifluously, a rock tune with a contemporary feel.

Overall, Willdr’s performance of “Bet I Will” is excellent, and I give it a thumbs up. Great performance throughout, with a fantastic melody, making it commercially viable. The most exciting section is immediately at the beginning of the song when the guitars and percussion all sound together before the vocals come in; the rhythm is just exceptional.

Listen to “Bet I Will” by Willdr on Spotify and let us know what you think. Cheers!

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