Wiz Khalifa has new music to get stoned to with his latest release, “Mercury Retrograde.”

Wiz Khalifa’s new single, “Mercury Retrograde,” features new audio to smoke to.

If you’re seeking for some “classic Wiz,” his new track is just what you’re looking for. Wiz Khalifa delivers a laid-back, spacey single that combines his silky flow with fly bars. Simultaneously, Wiz challenges the concept that you can’t smoke and be successful.

Throughout the song, Wiz demonstrates his understanding of his role as an elder statesman in the game. It’s clear in the way he drops diamonds and addresses them for the next generation to absorb. Though it’s unknown what project this will be used for, it’s a good indication of what Wiz has in store.

The new song follows Wiz’s observation that hip-hop rarely develops music for smoking these days.  ”They really don’t be making music to get stoned to anymore that’s crazy,” he tweeted. Evidently, “Mercury Retrograde” fills in that void.

Since the beginning of the year, Wiz has released a flurry of new tunes. Wiz released “#NeverDrinkingAgain” and “Love To Smoke” before “Mercury Retrograde.” Multiverse, the rapper’s most recent studio album, was released last year.

Hopefully, Wiz will release another project this year, especially after his recent songs.

Check out Wiz Khalifa’s “Mercury Retrograde” below and share your opinions in the comments.