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Monthly Archives: August 2023

To Hell With Tradition Unveils A Captivating Prelude To Profound Musical Evolution With “Open Season.”

To Hell With Tradition, the original idea of the multi-talented Achim Hofmeyer hailing from the scenic city of Heidelberg, Germany, emerges as an artist who does not compel attention but challenges traditions in a world inundated with musical options. His latest masterpiece, “Open Season,” released today, August 25th, is the founding single from …

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A Whimsical Masterpiece with a Profound Message: Dive into the Vibrant World of Speak Easy Circus’ “Gros Michel”

In a musical landscape often dominated by superficial themes, Speak Easy Circus has chosen to delve into unexplored territory with its insightful and socially conscientious song “Gros Michel.” What looks to be a cute banana song morphs into a fascinating investigation of the banana industry’s preying underbelly, competently constructed by songwriter Jack Avison. This compelling …

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Horizonte Lied’s “Memorias de Crónicas Futuras” (Remastered Edition) Is A Profound Journey Through Ethereal Memories

Horizonte Lied, from Monterrey, has released the much-awaited “Memorias de Crónicas Futuras” (Remastered Edition) album in a victorious comeback to the forefront of the music scene. This band, which was formed in 1992, has continually pushed the boundaries of its sound, making an evident influence on the industrial and avant-garde music environment. With their remastered …

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My Name is Ian’s Album “Go Bananas, Go Bananas, Go Bananas, Go Bananas, Go Bananas” Delivers Eclectic Themes with Catchy Melodies and Witty Lyrics

My Name is Ian’s eighth studio album, “Go Bananas, Go Bananas, Go Bananas, Go Bananas, Go Bananas,” is a beautiful symphony of infectious pop songs, creative lyrics, and endless energy. The album is an auditory journey through a variety of subjects, ranging from personal struggles to witty views on life’s oddities. Released on July …

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