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Kully Bath’s “Rain Falls Inside”: An Emotional Masterpiece That Strikes the Heartstrings

In the realm of music that transcends mere melodies and lyrics, Kully Bath’s latest release, “Rain Falls Inside,” stands as a poignant statement to the power of storytelling through music. Bath, a Birmingham-based singer-songwriter, has released a heartfelt narrative in her single, and it’s nothing short of a marvelous musical experience. For the first time, she …

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Carson Ferris Takes Us Back in Time with “1999” – A Nostalgia-Filled Musical Journey

Carson Ferris, a 13-year-old singer-songwriter, returns to our blog with enormous excitement and expectation. Having previously featured his incredible tracks “Speed Limit” and “Crazy,” we were left in awe of his extraordinary skill and promising future in the music industry. Today, we’re excited to dig deep into his latest musical creation, “1999,” a tune …

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