Check out the latest single from 88GLAM, “Happy Belated.”

The handful of singles Toronto duo 88GLAM have offered this year are a promising sign that a new project will be arriving in the near future. 88CAMINO and Derek Wise returned with their new single, “Happy Belated” on Friday. Their signature moody trap sounds get even more atmospheric on this one, as the two divulge tales of drugs and women.

The two rappers have unveiled a handful of singles since the top of the year including, “Want To” and “Ziploc.” In 2020, they released their last album, New Mania which arrived amid speculation of a break-up. Evidently, that wasn’t the case. Last May, they shared the three-song EP, Heaven Can Wait.

Check out 88Glam’s latest single, “Happy Belated” and share your thoughts on the song in the comments.

Quotable Lyrics
Been running through these bitches
But they act like they some nuns
When she look inside the mirror she like, “Who did I become?”
Ain’t no backtrackin’ I’m forward when I’m sitting in that Porsche
Ain’t nothing I can’t afford when I’m shopping in these stores