Michael Coleman, also known as See Your Shadow, from Arizona, has never failed to astonish me with his wonderful compositions that calm my spirit and fill me with sentiments of warmth and contentment. He always has something perfect to offer, every song he writes is full of emotion and his stunning singing voice adds to the impact. Recognized for his sincere and innovative country music flairs, he penned a refreshingly honest and one-of-a-kind take on the classic country love ballad that diverges from the typical love songs about drinking. This song’s title is “Whatever on the Rocks,” and its premise unfolds from the perspective of a bartender. It was released on March 3rd this year. Let’s talk about it now.

Opening with a slow, solemn piano melody that sets the tone for the remainder of the song and allows us to consume its sweetness, SYS’s vocals have an inherent charm and glitter that makes the song a captivating and engaging listen. They are genuine and heartfelt, capturing the anguish and pain that inspired the lyrics. And, with the song’s serene touch and SYS’s warm vocals, it has an ethereal element that may make even the most lonely listener feel as if he had company. The lyrics properly reflect the feelings of the moment, and the melody enhances it beautifully. “Whatever on the Rocks” is wonderfully produced. The guitar textures are stunning, and the melodies, which are calm and relaxing in their own right, will certainly make this song a favorite in anyone’s arsenal.

When it comes to the significance of this soulful and beautiful song, its theme revolves around love, heartbreak, and the power of alcohol to alleviate pain. Michael Coleman(SYS,) wrote the original poem based on his own heartbreak experiences, and the raw emotion translates well into the lyrics. As he previously stated, the simplicity of the song’s construction makes it intimate, and we can easily connect with the emotions expressed in the song. A beautiful music video complements the audio slide, adding another layer of depth to the lyrics. It tells the story of a lady and a gentleman who meet at a bar and their budding romance is depicted throughout the video. The setting and ambiance of the bar enhance the mood, making listeners feel as though they are there, observing the action emerge.

Overall, “Whatever on the Rocks” is an enthralling performance with an emotive and heartfelt message. It is an introspective work that is inspired by a situation in Michael Coleman’s life and is performed with significant severity. SYS’s distinct vocal tone, along with his immaculate delivery, makes it an ideal addition to any soulful vibes blend. It’s rapidly become one of my favorites, and I’m confident it’ll become one of yours as well. So, if you’re looking for music to comfort you after a breakup, “Whatever on the Rocks” is that song for you.

Listen to “Whatever on the Rocks” by See Your Shadow on Spotify, watch the video with the above link, and let us know your thoughts.

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