Abby London is a pop vocalist from Seattle, Washington, United States. Abby London delivers up fantastic music that she has always been eager to create, as seen by her discography, with refreshing melodies, soulful vocals, and gorgeous compositions. London released her latest work “Hysteria” on August 10th, a song inspired by the predictability of the media.

“Hysteria” is an alt-pop ballad inspired by dissatisfaction with mainstream news media and the individuals who blindly follow it. The chords are unique, inspired by a circus dream, yet they combine to produce an ominous impression of something not quite right. Abby London’s soft vocals flow with a delightful rich texture, and she alternates a leisurely speed throughout the song, producing a grand musical trend with gorgeous melodies that swell and dip in her direction. The bridge opens with a kazoo, which contrasts with the gentle and friendly space of the lyrics. Electronics build on a piano foundation to create a spooky yet pleasant reflecting pop piece.

London’s objective with “Hysteria” is to widen hearts and minds to look beyond the emotional excitement that the news repeats over and again, to provoke inquiries, and to highlight plot gaps that appear to be purposely keeping us in a condition of “Hysteria.”

London says, “I never would have imagined the world would be how it is now.  Rights have been given up so willingly—without a fight, without a valid explanation, the disregard for religious freedom, the contempt for those who exercise their individual thought, and those with disabilities. There continue to be situations that make me ponder if I am caught up in the hysteria. Are you caught up in hysteria? Is everyone caught up in hysteria? I think it’s healthy to wonder and to be honest with ourselves about the true answer. Then we can move on, be free, and achieve our purpose and potential with dignity and honor.”

“Hysteria” has an enveloping quality to the music that draws you in as you listen to it. The song’s style is defined by a dreamy atmospheric background production and catchy sing-along vocals. Each part fits well into its pocket of space as the song advances. The piano plays the first melodic line, which is then taken over by London’s vocals. The countermelodies and melodies are subtle and perceptive. Furthermore, Abby London has a distinctive voice that readily captures the attention of the listener. The instrumental is indescribably beautiful and envelops you in all of the feelings that went into producing this work.

Listen to “Hysteria” by Abby London on Spotify and SoundCloud and let us know what you think. Cheers!

Notable Lyrics
Are you caught up in hysteria
Repeating the news
Are you caught up in hysteria
Are you thinking things though
Are you caught up in hysteria
Do you love yourself
Are you caught up in hysteria
Do you know yourself