South African artist Henry Cloete, under the moniker of Jean’s Hill, makes a captivating breakthrough in the charming domain of indie-instrumental music with “The Kelp Diaries.” This EP, which became available, on June 21st, is completely composed of digital instrumentation and transports listeners on a thrilling aural trip, conjuring vivid landscapes and feelings that reverberate deeply inside the spirit. Jean’s Hill has masterfully merged elements of ethereal post-rock, dreamy atmospheres, and ambient soundscapes to produce a musical experience that is both original and eclectic, drawing inspiration from the likes of Explosions in the Sky, Pink Floyd, and Sigur Ros. Each song stands alone as an honor to Cloete’s musical skill, but together they build a seamless story that captures the spirit of coastal life. Let’s dive into the EP’s full details.

“The Kelp Diaries” opens with “Caught In A Storm,” instantly immersing us in a world where digital instrumentation paints vivid imagery. This track evokes a sense of urgency, with its dynamic composition and evocative melodies. Cloete skillfully combines layers of atmospheric sounds and intricately crafted arrangements, reminiscent of the captivating works of Explosions in the Sky. The instruments are well performed and offer a great sense of appeal to listeners.

Beetle” evolves across the EP with a captivating blend of textures and rhythmic cycles. It simply grabs the listener’s attention and transports them to a peaceful dreamscape. The soaring crescendos and exquisite guitar work are reminiscent of Sigur Ros, producing an emotionally compelling mood that resonates profoundly. This track’s production makes it an apparent highlight, and it’s amazing how great they all sound collectively. Jean’s Hill’s enthusiasm in this track results in a performance too enlivening to describe.

In “Eleanor,” Jean’s Hill demonstrates their ability to express a wide range of emotions through song. The song has a nostalgic feel to it, with upbeat, alleviating melodies, and beautiful harmonies eliciting a profound sense of longing. Each note transports the listener to the little coastal town where Cloete discovered inspiration, as though they are experiencing the coastal breeze and the flavor of kelp in the air.

With “Scatter,” Jean’s Hill unveils an ambiguous and unexpected work that mirrors the uncertain nature of life’s adventures. The numerous layers of the track blend into a captivating chute, creating a sense of inner struggle, perseverance, and development, similar to the robust kelp that flourishes in the middle of slamming waves. Jean’s Hill combines exquisite piano melodies with subtle percussion beats to produce a stunning and amazing instrumental piece. The piano is the star of this piece, and it is exceptionally mesmerizing.

Finally, “Kind of Dawn” ushers an atmosphere of glee and rejuvenation. After a night of soul-searching, the sky is painted with soft colors of hope and promise by a melodious morning. This track sparkles like sunshine dancing on the sea, heralding the beginning of a new chapter in the traveler’s trip, filled with greater insight and meaning.

In the end, “The Kelp Diaries” is a work of art in the indie-instrumental genre, a compilation of musical landscapes that paint emotions with sounds, transporting us on a remarkable path of self-discovery and catharsis. Jean’s Hill has used instrumental music to express a profound narrative of the human experience, beyond the bounds of language. His command of soundscapes and expressive compositions is nothing short of astounding, immersing listeners in a tapestry of feelings that linger long after the final note fades away. Jean’s Hill enables us to descend into the depths of our own emotions and emerge rejuvenated, like a traveler finding peace in the lap of a seaside town’s calm tides.

Listen to “The Kelp Dairies” EP by Jean’s Hill on Spotify and let us know your thoughts.

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