The rapper claims her father was the first man to break her heart and her mother only taught her “gangsta sh*t.”

An outpouring of support has been given to Asian Doll after the rapper made some personal revelations on social media. While her dedicated fans may be more knowledgeable about Asian Doll’s background, not everyone knows her history. The rapper revealed that although her parents are “still living & healthy,” she doesn’t have a relationship with them.

“Not having a mom or daddy support or relationship is really f*cked up for me,” she tweeted. “I be having to teach myself sh*t they should’ve im glad I have balance tho & im so over worked that I’m numb to not having a relationship with my parents [broken heart emoji].”

“My dad is the 1st male ti ever break my heart literally so he’s the reason I don’t love n*ggas easily,” Doll added. “I just know how to show them loyalty I don’t even be in love… My mom only taught me gangsta sh*t like how to sell dope , how to protect myself & be a f*cking crip Sh*t sad & y’all wonder why I came in the game physically fighting others … that’s all I knew.”

“I have mommy issues BAD & it’s sad honestly.” Soon, others began to share their stories of how they could identify with what Asian Doll was dealing with. Many of her peers also came forward with kind words and messages of support.