Charlie Cartel is a diverse artist born and bred in Teaneck, New Jersey, with musical and creative ancestors on both sides of his family. He is not only skilled at singing and rapping, but he has also learned to engineer and produce music. His voice, the range of styles he brings to each song, and his ability to compose music in every situation set him apart from other performers. Interestingly, music was a part of his background and inspired him to accomplish great things such as the single “Dreamin” that he released on June 3rd of this year.

Charlie Cartel’s “Dreamin” is a feel-good song that he wrote from the words to the whole production. The music opens with a delicate piano melody accompanied by afrobeat percussions, which establishes the groove for Cartel. As the title indicates, he sings about his dreams, welcoming them with great enthusiasm and making them seem so ardent. This song was inspired by his present stage in life. When he is going through a difficult time, he usually has a stronger comeback and can turn that energy into positive. Essentially, this song is about how the desire to be with someone special becomes a reality.

The song’s rhythm section sounds delightful, owing to the mellow beats and deep bass that accompanies the lead melody. Charlie Cartel expresses himself through this finely penned song that conveys his story appealingly and compellingly. Charlie Cartel knows how to create a vibe with this record. Furthermore, approximately halfway through the song, some gorgeously layered harmonies add to the opulent sound that makes Charlie sound just like Chris Brown.

“Dreamin” has a terrific blend of light and dark tones, and Charlie Cartel’s smooth and lovely voice captures the listener’s attention right away. Furthermore, the song incorporates reggae, hip-hop, and R&B components, making it more brilliant. Overall, “Dreamin” pushes individuals to become life focused and inspires them to feel good and radiate positive energy, and might motivate the listener towards his/her objective.

Listen to “Dreamin” by Charlie Cartel on Spotify and let us know what you think. Cheers!