Thursday , October 5 2023

DC The Don Drops New Song “Suicide” With Midwxst

The new track follows DC’s February album “My Own Worst Enemy” and a slew of singles this year.

Wisconsin native DC The Don has had an incredibly prolific 2022 that he’s still capitalizing on. He released his album My Own Worst Enemy back in February, and has dropped single after single since to build up his styles and catalog. His most recent one, “Suicide” with Indiana artist midwxst, sees him delving more into the glitchy fusion of alternative rock, pop, and rap production that he’s made a name off of. They’ve also dropped a claymation music video that sets the track up in a playful context despite what the title may suggest.

The track’s instrumental is melodically driven by the soft guitars that open the song and are then overwhelmed by the heavy kick drums and snares. A few bouncy synths are layered into the beat as well to give it a little more flavor, but it’s all about the vocal melodies from both singers and the gritty drums on the track.

Both DC and midwxst seem heavily inspired by ’90s bands when it comes to their vocal styles, an aesthetic that glues all of their genre influences together. On this song, they glide over the digital production and their deliveries accentuate the track’s sense of fun and playful melancholy. Lyrically, they focus on a troubled relationship, how the two parties feel like they depend on each other, yet how they clash a lot due to their individual struggles.

If you’re a fan of these styles, or artists like Lil Uzi Vert or Juice WRLD, DC The Don’s been dropping a lot of material this year to push the digital alt-rap scene forward, and it looks like he’s teasing his upcoming album Funeral with these tracks as well. You can check out the music video for “Suicide” featuring midwxst below and hear the track on Spotify.

Notable Lyrics

You said I’d get a little fame, if I’m lucky
Make a few songs and meet a fan one day, if I’m lucky
I did a sold out show in Downtown Kentucky
And now nobody can touch me

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