Doja Cat “Elvis” Soundtrack Single “Vegas” Gets Release Date

Doja Cat previewed her contribution to the “Elvis” soundtrack while at Coachella, and now, the record has a release date.

It remains unclear if Doja Cat actually plans to retire after she’s fulfilled whatever obligations she currently has in queue, in the meantime, however, the rapper-slash-singer continues to make her mark on pop culture and she’s receiving a ton of accolades to go along with it. While the idea of retirement looms large, it’s safe to say that Doja still has some new music and/or collaborations that we’ll be hearing in the near future– including a record with pop star Post Malone, as well as a single for a highly-anticipated Baz Luhrmann film.

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Doja Cat performed at Coachella this past weekend for the second weekend in a row, where she gave the audience a taste of her new single, titled “Vegas,” that will appear on the upcoming Elvis soundtrack. The Baz Lurhmann film is reportedly slated for release on June 24, with the soundtrack to arrive around the same time.

Doja’s “Vegas” reportedly does incorporate Elvis Presley’s “Hound Dog,” while remaining an original song. The soundtrack for the film, then, will not only include classic Presley records or adaptations. Nonetheless, the exact nature of the soundtrack remains a mystery, although RCA has confirmed that a variety of different genres of artists will partake.

As RCA readies the film’s soundtrack, Doja Cat’s contribution, “Vegas,” is set to arrive in full on May 6th.

Stay tuned for more details concerning both the film and the soundtrack.

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