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Drake Goes Viral For His “Zesty” Lyrics On “Rich Flex” From “Her Loss” Album

Fans anticipated that a collaboration between Drake and 21 Savage would generate a stir in the hip-hop scene, but not in this fashion. The opening track of Her Loss, “Rich Flex,” in particular, has the Canadian rapper going viral for his “zesty” delivery of some words.

The almost four-minute-long single, produced by Tay Keith, Vinylz, BoogzDaBeast, and FNZ, sees the two lyricists going back and forth after Yung Nudy sets the stage at the start. “Go get a zip of cannabis, hit the club / Pay ’bout ten n*ggas to get in, we crunk, lit, in this bitch, sure,” he says towards the track’s beginning.

Drizzy then goes into a chorus that has since been utilized in countless TikTok videos, saying, “21, can you do somethin’ for me? / Can you hit a lil’ wealthy flex for me? / And 21, can you do somethin’ for me? / Drop some bars to my pussy ex for me,” with simple but memorable ad-libs.

All jokes aside, the “Rich N*gga Shit” hitmaker drops some serious heat for his first verse, dropping bars like “I DM in Vanish Mode, I do that shit a lot / Took her panties off and this bitch thicker than the plot,” and “You ain’t ready to pull the trigger, don’t clutch it / I know you on your period baby, can you suck it?”

Drake joins in on the track, saying, “I’m steady pushin’ P, you n*ggas pushing PTSD / I told her ass to kiss me in the club, fuck a TMZ.”

The first-week sales forecasts for Her Loss show that the album will launch at No. 1. More information may be found here, and you can listen to “Rich Flex” on Spotify or Apple Music below.

Nuotable Lyrics:

Yellow diamonds in the watch, this shit cost a lot
Never send a bitch your dot, that’s how you get shot
I DM in Vanish Mode, I do that shit a lot
Took her panties off and this bitch thicker than the plot

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