Dré Anthony, a 26-year-old rapper-turned-singer, is from Toronto, Ontario. Dré performs Hip-Hop music, but given his creative abilities, he might perform in other genres. His ability is clear in the music he creates, with his flow and voice on the rhythms making it enjoyable to listen to. Dré produces music to connect with people profoundly as they enjoy it, as seen by his six-track EP, “Dice,” which was published on March 24th, 2020.

The lead single, “On My Mind,” kicks off the “Dice” EP. Dré Anthony sings with his pleasant voice that welcomes you to the production on this one. Dré speaks about how he has been on the grind striving for money without wasting time in this tune. He outlines what he hopes to accomplish while on this musical adventure, which is why he is constantly on the go since he understands what he wants from what he enjoys doing. The melodic melodies heard in the instrumentation do wonders for the song, offering it a catchy and bouncy groove to sing along to.

“Bands,” the EP’s second hit, is a follow-up to the first track. Dré Anthony raps about how he makes money doing what he enjoys. All Dré reveals in this tune is his ambition to obtain “Bands” while grinding. This song is lyrically strong and has a laid-back atmosphere.

Moving on, the third track, “I Remember,” is one that many of us can connect to. Dré sings and raps about how people ignored him throughout his worst days. He spits lyrics about how no one was by his side to provide a helping hand while he was going through it, but now he’s giving affection, which seems bizarre and clichéd. The rhythm is strong, and the flows are similarly so, which adds variety.

“Brand New” is the EP’s fourth single. Dré tells us in this song how his life feels so new and he has no idea what he aims to accomplish, essentially because he is living a life he never imagined and it makes him feel like a brand new person. He describes how everything around him is brand new, allowing him to enjoy a pleasant existence.

The fifth song, “Let Me Know,” comes next, and it sounds fantastic in terms of musicianship and lyrical. The piano melodies at the beginning of the songs establish the tone and captivate the listener from the start. Dré informs his fans in this song how they should let him know what they want when they’re down.

The Ep finishes with “No Write-Offs,” and he becomes passionate here. The song is based on real-life experiences he encountered while on the rise. He explains how he’s been accepting losses all along and how he’s been doing OK for the time being. He asks his audience what they would do if they were him.

All of the tracks on the Ep leave you with a sense of enlightenment and a stronger connection to your surroundings. Overall, “Dice” includes groovy punchy hip hop tracks with wild beats and renowned lyrics that display Dré Anthony’s brilliance.

Listen to the “Dice” Ep by Dré Anthony on Spotify and let us know what you think. Cheers!

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