Eminem’s “Curtain Call 2” includes the unreleased 50 Cent collab, “Is This Love (09).”

Eminem unveiled his second greatest hits album early this morning, Curtain Call 2. The new project highlights the biggest hits of his career since his 2009 comeback with Relapse but it also highlights some unreleased cuts from that era. “Is This Love (09)” is one of the most anticipated records of his latest release. Em and 50 Cent reunite with Dr. Dre for the record, which has leaked in some shape or another over the years. It’s a mischievous record that brings Fif into Em’s world a bit more with dated references to Kaitlyn Jenner, which he acknowledges on the record, rapping, “Hi, I’m Shady’s Cronie, Shady done rubbed off on me.”

Though a lot of the music on Curtain Call 2 does stems from past hits, he’s added some recent records as well including his collaboration with Snoop Dogg, “From The D 2 The LBC.”

Check out “Is This Love (09)” below.

Notable Lyrics
Hi, I’m Shady’s Cronie, Shady done rubbed off on me
Yeah, bitch, bow me ‘fore he used the chainsaw for me
After you see my G-U-N in a pine box we will see you
And you can’t believe it’s me again
I B-I-G T-I-M-E K-I-L-L very W-E-L-L
Go to Hell, R-U-N, T-E-L-L