ET and Yung Xiim honed their sound and developed their unique lyrical flows and melodies in their songs.

ET and Yung Xiim are two independent performers from Connecticut, USA. They are cousins who were interested in music at the same age and they utilize music as a means to communicate themes that are important to themselves. Additionally, the impressive young musicians creates music that shows promise.

ET and Yung Xiim are inspired by musicians such as Juice WRLD, Lil Baby, Sean Kingston, The Weeknd, Lil Wayne, Young Thug, Rae Sremmurd, and others to make music that goes along with it to mimic a more distinct flavor. In addition, the cousins began using GarageBand IOS and Xbox headphones, striving to grow their style and build their own textual themes and rhythms in their works.

ET and Yung Xiim’s new song, “Move,” lasts 3 minutes and 51 seconds and begins with a brilliantly crafted appregio that kicks off the tune. It’s also a song with a lot of complexities. “MOVE” is about always pushing oneself to prevent stagnation. It’s an upbeat cloud rap/hip-hop song about never escalating for less than you certainly deserve. The artist feels that perhaps we simply have to push ourselves to accomplish what we want, and therefore this song is aimed to urge persons who are settling to step across their status quo and truly begin to “MOVE.”

Likewise, the song has a lovely and flowing vibe that is similar to the mentioned inspirations. The music is robust, while the kick adds a punch to keep the track warm. “Move” is well-crafted lyrically to keep the listener immersed in the tale behind the song at all times.

Being self-sufficient, ET & Yung Xiim wrote and engineered “Move,” as well as other tracks. However, “Move” is really overpowering. The song was recorded at ET’s home studio and was made available for streaming on digital shops on June 2nd, this year. The cousins aim to encourage other aspiring artists by demonstrating that feeling overstimulated and frustrated is a fleeting emotion.

Listen to “Move” by ET featuring Yung Xiim and let us know what you think. Cheers!