French & Fraud’s joint project “Montega” arrives this week.

In just a few days, Hip Hop will receive a new hitter courtesy of French Montana and Harry Fraud. The duo has come together to release their joint project Montega, and now that they’ve already gifted fans with “Drive By” featuring Babyface Ray, the duo returns with another stunner. “Bricks & Bags,” a track that hosts looks from Benny The Butcher and Jadakiss, also arrives with a visual that shows magic being made in the studio.

“For ‘Bricks and Bags,’ me and Fraud wanted to bring together two artists that, to me represent that impeccable Cokeboy sound” French told Complex. “Jadakiss gave me one of my first major co-signs when we did ‘New York Minute’ in 2009. Benny continues to show why he is one of the best artists to emerge out of the East Coast in the past few years.

Fraud added, “On ‘Bricks and Bags,’ me and French wanted to create a record that brought us back to that grimy New York Era that shaped our youth; a hard-hitting beat with two of the deadliest lyricists in the game. Steel sharpens steel and this song personifies that.”

Notable Lyrics 

Responsibility come with the opportunity
Don’t want no crooked preacher lyin’ on my eulogy
Hoes think they using me
I got her out the country eating beautifully